Black Creek Plantation: Encompassed in the Lowcountry

Some states stick with a one-word motto, something simple and practical. But South Carolina’s famous Latin inscription espouses a more poetic ideology: “While I breathe, I hope.”

It captures the spirit of a place that still holds a new-world wildness amid its fog-shrouded mountains, towering forests, and bright-water beaches. There is a sense that anything is possible, that the untamed land can be coaxed to provide an idyllic life for anyone brave enough to venture there.

Ironically, given the motto, it’s the sort of place that takes one’s breath away. At the same time, the purity of the natural surroundings encourages deep breaths of the fresh air. Walking along a sun-dappled blackwater river in Colleton County can make one forget the noisy and polluted air of distant cities even exists.

Areas like Black Creek Plantation put the charms of rural life amid nature’s greatest offerings on awe-inspiring display. Opportunity abounds here: picturesque creeks for fishing, fertile patches of topsoil for planting crops, and serene, moss-curtained woods for fowl and turkey hunting. While I breathe, I hope: this is the kind of land families can hope to live off of for generations.

It’s a place where traditions are upheld, where deep roots are grown, and where every day promises fresh beauty to explore.

Of course, in our modern era, not every hope can be fulfilled among birdsong and babbling brooks. Even devoted isolationists like Henry David Thoreau visited civilization on a regular basis. In fact, the tranquility of Walden Pond was just shy of half a mile from the main road.

Life at the Black Creek Plantation offers the same chance to experience the best of both worlds. Just over a one-hour drive to bustling Charleston, and only a half-hour away from the beauty of South Carolina’s Sea Islands, residents have access to thrilling big city amenities as well as the scenic allure of 187 miles of Atlantic coastline.

Even with developed areas just a short drive away, this region is a haven for wildlife of all kinds. Birders who long to see some of America’s most beautiful winged creatures will delight in South Carolina’s variety. Red-cockaded woodpeckers drill sap wells in local pinewoods year-round, and swallow-tailed kites soar across the expansive skies. The coast hosts endangered wood storks nesting in bald cypress trees, while painted buntings seasonally indulge in backyard bird feeders.

It’s a region that seems outside time, free of the hustle and bustle of urban life. For those who long to breathe in the open air of the Palmetto State, there can be no greater hope than to stake claim on 865 acres like Black Creek Plantation.

Uncover more of the secrets in this highly explorable territory by touring the property. Contact Todd Crosby of Crosby Land Company by calling 843.782.5700 or emailing

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