To Own a Ranch: All You’ll Feel Is Free

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who fantasize about moving off the grid and those who are lying to themselves about not wanting the freedom of life off-grid. The bravery of leaving urban life behind, the endless possibilities of wide, open space, the chance to awaken your inner spirit—these things make ranch ownership attractive to the wild-at-heart.

Owning a 160-acre ranch like the one bordering Rawlins, Wyoming is the stuff of pure escapist dreams. Only this one doesn’t have to be a dream: thanks to the delightful price tag and even more reasonable tax rate, this Wyoming land is accessible for almost anyone dreaming of their own little (or large) patch of dirt.

“Collectively, there’s over a million acres of public land surrounding the property in all directions,” says Tory Watson of

Because of its mostly rural population, the entire state of Wyoming possesses a small-town feel. It’s a land where fellow drivers wave to one another even when they might not be familiar. The openness of their roads tempts city folk away from a life stuck on the clogged highways of fume-filled commutes.

Welcome to life in Carbon County.

Daily sunrises that fill a person with hope morning after morning, with panoramic sunsets known for filling miles of sky with gently fading incandescence. In between, sweeping skies stretch across abundant stretches of uninhabited land.

Heck, it makes you wonder, why wait until retirement?

“This area is rich in native wildlife,” explains Tory. “You’re surrounded by amazing hunting, fishing, watersports, and outdoor recreational activities.”

Living in this carnivore country of wild game means the opportunity to be responsible for many of your main sources of protein.

“Carbon County is considered to be the pronghorn capital of the United States,” Tory adds. In addition to antelope and 2,000-pound buffalo roaming the countryside, a plethora of sage grouse can be found on the land, opening up the hunting opportunities even further.

Additionally, ample water in the area is perfect for those who want to experience the crisp, beer-swilling camaraderie of ice fishing winters, with walleye, carp, and trout fishing serving as mainstay happenings throughout springs and summers.

Have you ever stayed in a hotel and seen the upcharge for a room with a mountain view? Close your eyes and picture that same breathtaking view of the mountains being your own backyard.

With air so crisp and untouched, the all-around lack of pollution makes life beneath the stars a mystical experience. Anyone who has ever turned their face up to the night sky and been dazzled by the stars will fall in love with the astonishing visibility of Carbon County.

As for culture, ranchers living at the outskirts of civilization follow their own rules. It’s a place where neighbors reach out, and culture is driven by the relationships you build. Cowboys’ trucks almost always wear a layer of dirt or snow, and everyone sports their favorite pairs of boots, dusty or polished.

There’s one thing everyone has in common out here: Pure freedom.

Set up a private tour of the property. Reach out to LANDiO by calling or texting 713.597.7670.

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